BCSS/GRO Services

Stay Legally Compliant With Our PRO Services

DuVolks Regulatory Compliance services offer a comprehensive solution, assisting clients in designing, evaluating, and adapting processes, controls, and infrastructure to meet specific regulatory requirements and mitigate risks effectively. Our team collaborates closely with clients to develop customized compliance strategies tailored to their industry and organizational needs. From evaluating existing processes to implementing advanced technology solutions, we ensure that businesses have the infrastructure in place to support compliance efforts. Moreover, DuVolks helps clients establish enterprise compliance programs aimed at protecting organizational value and gaining a competitive advantage. With continuous monitoring of regulatory changes, we ensure that businesses remain compliant and adaptable in the face of evolving regulations.

Ministries & their Portals

The ministries of Saudi Arabia have created their own digital platforms for all services and a unified interface to organize and follow up all transactions


Kingdom's labor and social welfare laws, occupational wellbeing and protection in the workplace, training programs, women's empowerment, self-employment, and support for retirees and job seekers

MoI (Ministry of Interior)

The Ministry of Interior is one of the governmental bodies of Saudi Arabia responsible for national security, naturalization, immigration, and customs in Saudi Arabia by providing peace and safety


The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is a Saudi Arabian government agency concerned with social insurance, achieving the compulsory insurance coverage, collecting and paying benefits


Qiwa platform is an electronic platform that provides the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development services and solutions to enhance the electronic services provided to the labour sector in Saudi


Muqeem is an interactive portal between an organization and MOI that issue, renew and print residence permits, Exit-Re Entry Visas, sponsorship transfer, profession change Etc.

Chamber of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce verifies and certifies certain documents or certificates. This is often required for international business transactions, especially for exporting goods to foreign countries


The registration and deregistration of VAT, the administration of VAT return filing and VAT refunds, and undertaking audits and field visits, levy penalties for noncompliance with VAT legal provisions

Ministry of Commerce

Multilateral and bilateral commercial relations, Special Economic Zones, state trading, export promotion & trade facilitation, and development and regulation of certain export oriented commodities

SBC (Saudi Business Center)

A center for facilitating the procedures for starting, operating, and exiting businesses, and providing all services under the best international practices. Start operating and managing your own business

V-PRO Services

 Pro Service in Saudi Arabia

Most of the SMEs faces a big challenge on hiring an experienced Admin staff for their business to look after the day-day operations related to Govt. institutions.At DVBS, we have proven solutions that can keep your Entity legally compliant and manage all your HR, PRO & GRO works with an outsourcing solution.

By subscribing to our V-PRO services, we will take admin work off your plate and off your mind.At DVBS, we have designed our V-PRO services catering to all levels of entities based on their size and staff strength at affordable packages.


MHRSD & Qiwa Portal

Muqeem Portal

Mudad – Payroll & Compliance

Licenses – Renewals

Visa Issuance and Employment contracts

Chamber of Commerce

SPL Services

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Standard Plan +

Tamm Portal

Baladiya (Municipality)

Visit Visa (Family & Business)

MOFA services

Ejar Portal Support

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Gold Plan +

24/7 Support

Ministry of commerce & SBC Support

MISA Support

Legal Advisory

VAT returns Filing

SMS & Email notifications for Expiries of IDs and licenses

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Pro Service in Saudi Arabia

 Pro Service in Saudi Arabia

As you know we are the best PRO/GRO service provider in KSA, with a proven track record of assisting numerous business entities, our expertise enables us to comprehend the specific requirements of proprietors, ensuring smart solutions that align with corporate objectives. Expect nothing short of prompt and effective professional assistance from our team, adhering strictly to local laws and regulations.

Our extensive experience includes working with key governmental departments such as the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority), allowing us to navigate bureaucratic complexities effortlessly.

MISA Services

Investment License Registration

MISA License Amendments (Name, Activities, Address, Contact Etc.)

MISA License Amendments (Share Capital, Owners, EtC)

Issuance and Renewal MISA License

Renewal MISA License - Expired

Chamber of Commerce

Cancellation of MISA License

MC & SBC Services

Tradename Reservations

Harmonization of Articles of Association

Issuance of Main CR

Amendment of Articles of Association

Amendment of CR Activities

Issuance of new Branch CR

CR Data Updating with MC & SBC

ZATCA Services

Entity Registration

VAT Registration

VAT returns Filing

VAT Certificate issuance

De-Registration of CR

MHRSD & Qiwa Services

Opening MHRSD File for the Entity

MHRSD File - Under process

Registering Account Manager

Qiwa Portal Registration

Issuance and Renewal of Work Permits

Creating Job Contract on Qiwa Portal

Issuance of Work Visa

Issuance of Temporary Work Visa

Employee Transfer of Service

Muqeem Portal Services

Muqeem Portal Registration

Employees Residence Permit Renewal - Normal

Employees Residence Permit Renewal - Tawasul

Employee's Sponsorship Transfer

Employee's Profession Change

Issuance of ER (Exit-Re Entry) Visa

Printing of Residence ID

GOSI Services

Entity Gosi Registration

Saudi Employee - GOSI Registration

Entity Data Updating - GOSI

Issuance of GOsi - Entity Certificate

Issuance of Employee Gosi Certificate

Mudad Services

Mudad Portal Registration

Employees Data Updation - Mudad

Monthly Mudad Payroll - WPS

Monthly Mudad Compliance – WPS

Other Competence Authorities Licenses

HCIS License

Industrial License

Travel and tourism License

Salama Certificate

SCE Registration

Media License

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